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Double Income No Kids also known as DINKS is and will be one of the best times and opportunities in your life to get ahead, prepare for your future together as a team working in synergy and tactically placing you in a strong financial position.

Case Study

In 2012 a young couple in their mid-20’s who had been in a committed relationship for a number of years came to see Elliot. They had both worked hard and established good careers for themselves and were seeking advice on how best to use their position which included both partners working full time, no kids, minimal debt and a cashflow surplus (meaning they were savings money regularly).

They had dreams and big goals and wanted a plan to achieve them.


  • Buy or build a new home.
  • Get engaged and have an awesome wedding.
  • Travel to Europe and have an incredible honeymoon.
  • Optimise their cashflow.
  • Minimise tax.
  • Create wealth and get ahead.
  • Protect what we have and make sure we are ok if something happens.
  • Start a family (future)

How Did Elliot Help?

Elliot worked with the clients to get clear on where they wanted to live and the realities of the location they thought they wanted. Elliot provided a strategy analysis which showed two scenarios.

By doing this work we were able to discover that what the clients really wanted was to live closer to town, have a mortgage that is more realistic and sustainable while at the same time allowing them to maintain their social lifestyle and get ahead (financially).

Further the analysis also provided a third strategy option which significantly improved their ability to save and minimize their tax. This was a game changer!

Elliot recommended and implemented a wealth protection plan making sure both of them were protected against a major sickness or accident.

He reviewed and consolidated their multiple superannuation funds and implemented a strategy that increased the probability of higher returns over the long term. 

Value of Advice

By implementing the advice the clients got clarity about their goals, made decisions that they wouldn’t have made without Elliot. This resulted in the saving ability to increase by an additional $5,000 pm for about 12 months ($60,000) and this additional money was enough to meet the costs of the wedding and the honeymoon. The wedding was amazing and the honeymoon incredible.

When they returned they had no short term debt and were still in a structural surplus. We then have used this position to continue to grow wealth, minimize tax and to start planning and preparing for a future family.

By implementing a wealth protection plan this has provided a sense of security knowing that if either of them ever suffer a major sickness or accident there will be funding available to meet medical costs, replace lost income and payout the mortgage.

The changes to their superannuation funds have resulted in clarity and certainty knowing where and what their future retirement is doing.

Client Review

We were lost, didn’t know what to do. Elliot’s got us a plan to achieve all of our goals we bought a house, got married and had an amazing honeymoon

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