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We’re a Newcastle Investment Advisor Ready to Help You Maximise Your Investment

Investing means becoming wealthier through buying and sometimes selling assets that provide an income while you hold them and increased capital when you sell them.

When you are ready to invest you then must decide where to put your money. There are 5 core options available:

  • Cash
  • Fixed Interest – Australian Bonds, Corporate bonds etc
  • Property
  • Australian Shares
  • International Shares

Another option available includes:

  • Having an Idea and/or Starting a business – for example Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth as at December 2015 was estimated at $46 billion^.

The two ways to invest are directly or indirectly. Direct investments are where you buy and hold investment assets in your own name. Indirect investments are where you employ an investment manager to buy and hold investments on your behalf. We can assist you to identify the right investment options for you.

Things to think about when making investment decisions:

  • Your Risk Tolerance – it is important that when investing you invest in a way in which you are comfortable.
  • Risk Reward Relationship – when seeking a return on your investment it is important to understand that some investments can go down in value as well as up. As a general rule the more risk you take over the long term the greater likelihood of a higher return. The lower the risk, the more likely you will have a lower and more stable return over the long term.
  • Liquidity – how quickly do you want or need your money back. Some investments can be bought or sold in a matter of days while others can take months.
  • Capital Preservation – if protecting your capital is important, for example if you are a self-funded retiree. We can support you with establishing a portfolio that protects the capital.
  • Taxation Implications – making money is generally described as wonderful thing. However, the only problem with making money is paying tax on the profits. When making any investment you should always consider the tax implications.
  • Inflation Risk – which is measured by the consumer price index (CPI), records the price of a general basket of goods and their price movements. For example, $100 worth of apples today would likely in twelve months’ time cost $103. Therefore, any investment decision made needs to consider the impact of inflation.
  • Timeframe – how much time do you to invest.
  • Diversification – one of the most famous sayings is “not all your eggs in one basket”.

We can support you with establishing an investment portfolio that considers your needs and objectives and minimises your risk. This includes managing your superannuation fund.


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