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Our Education Centre Provides Newcastle Residents With the Right Financial Advice to Make Smart Decisions

Negative Gearing, Liquidity, Superannuation, Trusts, Compound Interest, Capital, Appreciation, Depreciation, Reserve, Surplus, Equity, Leverage

Complex terms that most of us do not understand. The financial industry is full of concepts that can be difficult to get your head around. It is an area that is continuously changing and is hard to stay up-to-date. For this reason, we have developed a knowledge centre for our clients; we are committed to making their lives easier. Our Mission

Whilst we are full service advisers and can do all the work for you Services, we understand that some clients like to be provided with more information and develop their own knowledge. The knowledge centre can help achieve this. Updated regularly when there are changes or developments in the finance world, clients can access the education centre and see what is new. It is also a great reference point for individuals to access to help understand financial, investment or superannuation terms and concepts.

Elliot Watson is an experienced Financial Planner and is committed to extending his education About Elliot. It is his passion to keep up to date with latest legislative changes, investment strategies and the economic position and how this can or will affect his clients. Elliot sees the Education Centre as a great tool to communicate with and keep his clients up to date and in the know.


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