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Client Situation

Andrew and Kimberly were about to have a new baby. They had both previously been married and each had children from their past marriages. With their fourth child on the way they were forced to purchase a new home. The burden of the mortgage and the fact they would soon become a single income house of six put them in great financial risk.


Andrew and Kimberly strongly believed in protecting their family, however they were concerned about how much insurance cover would cost in addition to their mortgage repayments. Our debt and wage protection specialist was able to develop a personalised budget to service their mortgage and living expenses, plus recommended an insurance plan with enough cover to payout their mortgage and provide a replacement income. He also arranged for the insurance premium to be paid out of Andrew and Kimberly’s superannuation funds, so the premiums were not a direct cost.


Following Elliot’s advice we now have relief that if something were to happen to one of us, the mortgage and family would be taken care of. And the budgeting advice Elliot gave us allowed us to save up and get married in late 2012.

– Andrew and Kimberly

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